LEM Services

Lightning Event Management, LLC can assist you in all aspects of organizing and running your track & field or cross country event. We have numerous years of experience with all types of track events and know what it takes to make a successful meet!

We provide all of the needed equipment and the experienced personnel who are knowledgeable on how to operate the specialized equipment. Our personnel are all USATF officials certified in Fully Automatic Timing (FAT).

We can download entries from Athletic.net, Coach O, baumspage, Direct Athletics, EZMeets, MileSplit.us or you can provide us with a file that can be uploaded into our Hy-Tek Meet Manager 6.0 for Track & Field or Direct Athletics MeetPro.

We are an approved and certified Hy-Tek Authorized Independent Timing Contractor (ITC) for Track & Field and use Hy-Tek’s Meet Manager 6.0 as our meet management program to interface with our FinishLynx timing software. We can even interface with your meet management program such as Apple Raceberry JaM, Sydex, LynxPad or MeetPro to interface with our timing software.

You can use your own software to seed the meet, prepare heat/flight sheets and provide the final results or you can have us do all of it for you.

We use FinishLynx digital cameras and the latest FinishLynx software to provide all our fully automatic timing. We can provide one or two independent timing systems, cameras on the inside, outside or both sides of the track and multiple finish lines for wind reversals. We will work with you to determine the best option that meets your budget.

In addition to our FinishLynx cameras, IdentiLynx cameras are available for reading bib and/or chest number in long distance races.

Results are available instantly after the photo finish picture is read for immediate posting to scoreboards, web, print and/or television. We provide web posting of compiled results on our web site and/or yours.

We can provide running times and results to the announcer and provide links to compatible stadium scoreboards. We are also capable of interfacing to Television and providing them running time and results via our Scan Do scan converters.

We can provide FieldLynx computers for field events that will interface seamlessly with our Hy-Tek Meet Manager software.

We can provide laser measurement of field events using the LaserLynx measurement device.

We can provide ultrasonic wind gauges the interface directly with our FinishLynx timing system and automatically records the wind reading in the results.

We can provide wireless two way radios or a full duplex wired communication between the timers, clerks, starter and finish line.

We can provide hip numbers and/or bib numbers.

We also provide consulting services. Our staff includes engineers and IT professionals that can assist you purchasing a timing system for your facility, providing FinishLynx wiring drawings for your facility or simply provide training for FinishLynx, FieldLynx, IdentiLynx, LaserLynx, ResulTV or Hy-Tek’s Meet Manager software.

Please call us or email us to discuss your needs!